Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Backs Nigeria’s #EndSARS Protest


 Jack Dorsey, Chief executive of Twitter, has supported the #EndSARS protest currently ongoing in Nigeria.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Jack urged all concerned to make donations via Bitcoin in support of the cause, which has seen many Nigerians take to the streets in protest.

Jack Dorsey

He tweeted, “Donate via Bitcoin to help #EndSARS,” while also retweeting a tweet from the Feminist Coalition informing people of the modes by which contributions can be made. 

Over the past week, Nigerian youth at home and abroad have been protesting against police brutality, which has been ongoing for decades.

Dorsey joins a league of other prominent people such as Piers Morgan, John Boyega, Kanye West, Mesut Ozil among others, who have supported the protest.

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