Today's Mind Warm Up _Youth Stand Up By A Blogger Chidi Young.

Chidi young_ 2021 owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

 Today's Mind Warm Up, 
The Right Time For Leaders To Lead Is but Now!

Well, i will start by saying the youth are without argument the future glory of any country.

1) May i ask this my question before furtherance! How can we, the youth make our dear country most sought-after, and most desired country in the world?

2) How can we, the youth make the next generation of our country more pleasant, peaceful and lovable environment. I'm pratically talking about from now 2021-2051, that's thirty years ahead?

3) How can we, the youth make our family 50 times better than we met it, and if we can do greater than that why not, we should benevolently go ahead.

Youth are the real current pioneers of any nation and there is a great deal ahead when they begin to do that which they should do, if they really would want the second, and the third generation of their country to enjoy the milk and honey (natural resources) which they were blessed with in this part of the world west Africa down to Nigeria. I'm basically talking about a century from 2051, that will be 2151, equivalent to one hundred and thirty years from this year 2021.

We, the youth of the nation mentioned earlier can achieve 50 times more than our fathers did in the past 100 years and for us to do more than they did, i would advise that we, the youth should #say No to Bribe at all level and at all cost and stay true to what ever that will benefit and push our dear country forward.

There is a great need for us the youth to pursue after building our nation with which we will live in equality and tranquillity.

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The right time to stand out is actually now, the youth should take the  responsibility to better the nation.

And for these work of building our nation we can not afford to miss or ignore any part of it for the very sake of the unborn generation of our nation.

Goodwish to young people all over ther world.



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