Patriotism Is In The Spirit Of The Nigerian's Young People But The Leaders Are Not... By Chidi Young.

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Patriotism is in the spirit of the Nigerian youths but the  present administration ,the president, the senators,  the Governors and all the elected representatives at all levels  are not giving the youths the  golden opportunities required to showcase their potentials and skills in a professional and federal recognition let alone international level rather they are making the youths and the entire populace to live under deprivation and unpropitious status,  this is very appalling Nigeria is just now under political magniloquence, prostitute and zabernism and enough of this political instability has kept Nigeria under underdevelopment, unemployment , stagnation and  all manner of social vices, since the adoption of her independent in 1960.

As a young promising personality of Nigeria,I hereby argue that the above challenges or pressure has to be under control with the following relief  measures to address the existing nature of the Nation and consequently ensure a better Nigeria as well as the best interest of the future generations.

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Firstly,Government should ensure the establishment of entrepreneurial skills in all the 774 LGA in Nigeria and also ensure proper functioning of  such establishments and by so doing, unskilled labors, semi skilled labors and skilled labors can acquire various skills that will make them a formidable individuals, financial independent,self-reliance and outstanding personalities afterwards while at the same time it will aid to lessen the high rate of rural urban migration in the Nation.

Secondly, the present administration should discharge her functions effectively, efficiently and professionally by ensuring the recruitment of qualified staff  in the 6-3-3-4 system of Education in  Nigeria and other sectors of the governmental  ministries in question as well as ensuring free education in the above stated educational system or to an extent ensure that school fees is placed to the reach of a common man and consequently this will eradicate illiteracy in the Nation
In another vein,  government should ensure that there is adequate provision of infrastructural facilities, social amenities and academic materials for the best interest of the students and by so doing these will help the  students ( known as the leaders of tomorrow)  to exhibit their abilities and talents in a professional and versatile manner and consequently be an added value  to the Nation at large.

Thirdly, the government of the day has to address the existing inflation in the Nation by ensuring that the high rate of inflation in the Nation return to normalcy , As a case study using south east,  Enyiogugu Aboh Mbaise LGA  Imo state. In particular,  to determine  other states of the Nation,  based on the statistics of increment of goods and services the pressing needs or necessities of a common man can not be met and as  such it has contributed heavily to ensure high death rate in the state and beyond.
Fourthly, government should ensure the establishment of industries of its many kinds as well as massive establishment of health centres, Government hospitals whereby qualified employee can be employed for a greener pasture and financial independent.

Lastly, the elected representatives or officials should be transparent, accountability, trustworthy, incorruptible and humanitarian in their various positions and also carry out their assigned task to the superlative or optimum satisfaction of the citizenry.

In summary, to the best of my knowledge as a typical Nigerian and from my Articulation of African philosophy the above suggestions is one of the best options or way forward to address the challenging situation.

By Chidi young

Editor: Uche opara


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