Life Is Like a Seed By Chidi Young; Does He Mean...!


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 I want to bring to us this moment what i tag ''life is like a seed
Gentlemen, i want to start by asking how many of you,  likes to take fruits? 
It's a simple question which basically, every one without doubt; will raise up hands and say yes i do!

Fruit are good to take per se, but the credit is to go to the seed that produces the fruit that we do like to eat or we do admire to have, and yet, in most cases, the fruit takes the glory that belongs to the seed, what a tragedy?

Life is like a seed!

Gentlemen, come with me for some minutes; the seed, which has to germinate to become a tree which has to bear the fruit which we like to eat, has to undergo through a series of process!
 firstly, lets take a look at some of the process it most go through before bringing out fruit!

 The seed most change state, this means, the seed most first and foremost die for the purpose of changing of state to occur.
 Secondly, the seed most be buried in the soil where its changing of state can be effective.

 thirdly, the seed most spring out, and begin to grow; at this stage, they seed has turned to a tree, yes, it has changed to a tree , ( change is important chidi young has observed it,too. ), at this very stage, the tree  needs more nurturing which involve removing of weeds around the growing tree and fertilizing the tree for the right production of fruit to be able to take place, and..

fourthly, the tree needs time! At this point, you have done what is required of you to do for the tree to produce, but you can not force, nor rush the tree to grow, ( hastiness, is not a good idea ) that is why it needs time.
 Gentlemen, when ever you have done what is in your power and ability to do, then, wait! chidi young said wait for the right time, it will reflect, yes, it will show in the result definitely.
Just like the young tree, after awhile, maybe after some months,or years !there comes a fruits on the tree that was formed from a seed that was buried in the ground some months or years ago! 

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To some people, they say whoa, this fruit is good, is nice to eat, and they look at it and walk away but to some another set of people, they like it and stone on the fruit, and eat it and say what a wonderful fruit, they say!
As the fruits is fully ripe, there comes the merchant men, business men, traders; coming after the fruit,  they want to buy the fruits, they would say'' Gentlemen.

Life is like a seed!

Gentlemen; you are so loaded with fruits but it's in your inside and you ought to know this; that when you die to your gift ( seed in the soil ), and you give more attention to your gift per se, which means watering your gift and nurturing it through process that deemed right for its kind, just with time, like a tree, people will begin seeing all over you, ripe fruits,  and after which companies, organizations,  societies will be looking for you, for your service, not necessary you per se, but for what you got, what you are carring; and what you can offer,  basically, because they want to buy the fruits that they have seen or have tested from someone who brought the fruits (gift) to them that is in you, and after this guess what? 

In my conclusion, remember, what you are giving them is your fruits(gift) not the tree (yourself) and you will constantly produce, and again reproduce and again, until you dominate the arena.

You will be paid to give out your fruits (the gift in you) to some people,  $500 dollars and to another,  $5000 dollars depending on the nature of their demand. 

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Gentlemen,do you now see the reason why chidi young said, you are so powerful;Thank you for today!

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