On Chidi Young's Today| A Leader Vs A Politician.



On Chidi Young's Today | A Leader Vs A Politician.

My presention today is what i captioned a leader verses a politician, through this post, we will understand the reason behind every unfinish or abandoned project anywhere and where there is any! Of course, there are many. we will also discover the true reason behind why people will alway vote a politician in office of a leader ( power) with out gaining the full benefit as it ought to be giving to them in terms of service.

Follow me a while, as i start with my statement which says, What people need most is a leader and not a politician. Do you know why? Don't bother, i will tell you. Do you know why sheep always go astray? Don't worry by the way; i will tell you too.

The answer is because they do not have a leader.

One of the greatest challenges which people are facing today especially in a country like Nigeria, and in Africa per se, is that people tend to mistake politicians as Leaders.

do you know that the gap between the both are terrific but, why do people will always vote for a politician to take on the office of a leader, (we calls that power, isn't it? ) the answer is because the politicians are cunning in nature, politicians are somewhat surreptitious being. They exploit people's weakness through speech of positive eloquence.

A True Leadership are not political in nature thus means, leaders are not politicians vice versa.

 My friends, chidi young says to us today that the reason why those whom we voted in power seem to pay less attention to those who up-lifted them is because they are not who we probably thought they were, we thought that they are leaders but we did not knew that they are politicians, so i, chidi young say to us today, soon, in country of Nigeria, i say! Election will be coming up,  so therefore, let's watch out when those politicians will come again to us, in our churhes, our colleges, our market squares, in our communities and centre hall with an attractive vain words in a suit clothing of promising citizen, and a speech, full of promises.

On chidi young's Today | A Leader Verses A Politician. Image source; itel A56pro captured chidi young new picture.

Now, we know that it is up to us not to run after promises rather than credibility and integrity personel per se, knowing that these are few of Leadership qualities which 98% of politicians do not yet have nor do they understand its mystery. #chidiyoung #cloud2news #contribution #chidi_young #BetterLiving

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