Chidi Young's Word To Young People Who Wants To Survive The Stunning World.


On Chidi Young's Today:• My word to your world.

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Young people listen, nobody can actually let you you down if you do not give them em permission to do so.

What ever comes to you did because,  it percieved that you can carry it.

If people failed you, hey they made a mistake because they are actually teaching you how not to fail.

The goodnews about you, young people is you can decide to move on despite the storm of multiple failure, the dark cloud of rejection which often does appear to you like you are alone, friend listen now; you aren't alone, you got God, and you get buddies who know that you will make in life.

If the cloud is dark, it can't stop you! whatever that is trying to stop you on your way to success is a joker.

You are bigger than adversaries, hard time, my point here are they are step forward for you.

When people cheat on you, they didn't kill you, and when you focus on your big picture, you will surely see reasons to ignore their error or mistake.

Allow your big picture to strengthen you at the face of adversaries.

Make a decision not to quit

Vinci lombardi once said,
''Winners never quit and quitters never win'' young people, i said that is the right positive attitude that conquerors use in their endeavors, and you get to cultivate this attitude, it will enable you to float.

I'm saying this becaus i know thousand up thousand of youths look somewhat stranded, they hope on Government relief, they calls it grant, they calls it whatever, they calls it empowerment, that is not only what you need man, you need to know that the government which majority are hoping to get help from, needs help from you too precisely from you that is reading this right now.

 Government lack management, they lack cooperation. so hoping on organization or entity like such that lack adequate management calls for one to hope till eternity, imagining that! and i know, you would not want to hope till eternity,  does you? because you want government grant, you want uncle's help, support, or aid. Even if you got rich uncle and so what?

I have seen many young people with such tale that indicate time wasted waiting on people who indirectly waiting for you to take action.

Get up and do something positive with your life, take full resposibility of youself knowing full well that if you do not do it, no one else will actually do it for you. 

If you have ever ask your self why me?

 If you have ever laid blame on Government, your uncle, your parents ?

This input is for you. Have a nice day.

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