Killing Norms: Marriage Life Exposed By A Nigerian Blogger Chidi Young.


​On Chidi Young's Today:• Raw Truth VS Critics. Inside Marriage Life.

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On chidi young's today , the raw truth about marriage life verse crictics

The awful truth to be told. It does not matter how one propose a lady or how one were proposed, be it in the toilet, or in the kitchen,  whether it is in the Airplane or in the Boat or Ship however, such may attracts many likes and comments on social medias like facebook, instagram, Tik-tok.

Still, all these does matter but very little to compare to what the union is all about, notwithstanding, what is important are what have you to maintain the fellow you take as your partner, your love? Do you have the right knowledge to keep her or him happy for life? Or Do you consider the dirty idea of get divorce which are trending online thesedays? 

If you do not have the right knowledge to manage the union, going into it is synonym to going to hell, one don't need to go too far to know how hell look like, just bad marriage will tall you how it look like.

I have been able to handle broken relationship, and also hear from unfriendly couples, unhappy partner's, wayward kids due to parents failure to manage their union.

It is only knowledge that can make the union work, and sweet, keep both participant happy & cause the family to live in peace.

Stop chasing shining objects that spoils quick - chidi young says.

They are too obvious thesedays, they keep pulling our attention, they keep thrilling us, we call that love, we call it affaction, the truth are they are infatuation.

We keep chasing shining objects.
They are in divers form, you know, guys tend to chase after big breast, big ass, big thigh, and ladies keep chasing six packs, some keep chasing nice look, and he get money.

All of these are shining objects that can fade away and can depreciate just with time unless in few cases, however age still pose a big challenge to those things mentioned, imagine that- shining objects, those like mentioned above and many more of their kind, can deceives us too much; as it has deceived many & robbed them their peace right before their eyes in their very own home, don't allow such to happen to you, seek after knowledge to manage your marriage.

To potential parents, to young people who are yet to get into this marriage agreement,  make sure to have adequate knowledge about marriage union because they are your toolset to manage the marriage union, read books on marriage topic before you can say ''Yes I Do! Just to prevent the tears of tomorrow in the conquest and the brutality of ignorant. Living better is the reason for this input.

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