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On Chidi Young's Today:• Fear Vs Success in life.

Fear or success are in the same road that you probabily walking on every single day.

Fear acronym: Felse Evidence Appearing Real.


Success which promotes progress, and hence,  they are relative , i would prefer to talk about progress in lighter view to connect my point.

Progress acronym: Personal Responsibility And Opportunities To Gainfully Reach  Economic Self Sufficiency.

For the later to be in effect, the former will always come to view, and one's ability to manage fear, handle her effectively and efficienctely will determine how progressive one would be and make in quest to any thing.

Why this?

Young people's success, progress, achievement, growth,  well being,  welfare, spiritual growth so on and on,  gives me a deep sense of personal joy and happiness says chidi young on chidi young's today.

So, most times,  my question are How can the young people start at their ealier age and be getting things right?

How to inform the young people the realities of life that are not yet taught in the school and her system?

I know this pretty well that the ability of any family, society, or nation to do well, the youth, the young people most be taking in high conaideration.

I also know this quite well,  that in young people lies the serenity of any nation, state or family and also the opposite is true.

I, chidi young see in each young person value, treasure worth thousand times better to diamond or gold,

To you young one reading right now, i want you to know this that never allow false evidence appearing real (fear) to sneak from you those values of yours that are somehow inside of you right now!

However, strive for success, seek for progress; and remember, what they are! They are Personal Responsibilities And Opportunities To Gainfully Reach Self Sufficiency(Progress).

And i hope that you will do, thank you my friend and do enjoy your success ride.

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