Media Presents ; The Citizens Choice For The 2023 Presidential Election Is Peter Obi.

Chidi Young speaking his view concerning the Forthcoming Presidential Election, as he firmly recommend Peter Obi to Nigerians. #chidi young

On Chidi Young's Today:- Nigeria as a nation needs Some body like Peter Obi to assume the office of the president. Nigerians as the people in likewise manner needs the person of Peter Obi to become the president.

The cry of unemployment.
The cry of hardship.
The cry of human Rights Abuse.
The cry of youth humiliation.
The cry of poor infrastructure.
The cry of poor governance.
The high rate of hanky panky in the government arena can drastically reduced.
In All, These Can Be Solved at a greater degree.

Peter Obi For 2023 Presidency Election

However, it's our primary job to vote for Peter Obi. With Hope On Almighty and On The Personality of the leader, thing will get better within the 3-5 years after 2023 Election.

Let's not compromise this one time opportunity at our door, for we do not know when next the chance for these kind would be available.

So, now is the time we have to make the right decision worthy of count.

Each fellow call out to your neighbors and your friends and to ensure that the news and face of the right candidate that we have in our confidence Peter Obi is spread to every corner of eastern part of the country and to the southern part of the same and the same, to the northern part and likewise to the western part.

What we Nigerians want is a capable leader who is strong to tackle the challenges that are posing against our nation.

As we all know, I quote what the president on the making Peter Obi said ''we don't have another country but Nigeria'' So it's our duty to seek for the good of our nation.

In my Conclusion, Peter Obi Is who we Want, Peter Obi Is Who The Citizens Want To Assume The Sit Of The President.

The need for his assumption is urgent and hopefully it is for good of our nation Nigeria.


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