The Law Of Nature, Governs The Earth And It Is Supreme Over Men's Law Said On Chidi Young's Today.

On Chidi Young's Today:- The law of nature Governs the natural planet called the earth.
It is the law that regulate how things are to function.

And anyone or thing that reject, ignore, or abuse the ever existing law of nature will definitely have himself to blame. 

It has already been established, it can't change for men sake nor for women sake or for that of any other created sake. 

On the planet earth, the law of nature rules, over human rulers and regulate how things are to be done. On her rule, there are no hanky panky, no corruption, no injustice, or favouritism.

I personally love the natures law, and
I believe that the law of nature is friendly to anyone despite distinction of any kind, just like you reap what you saw, and as well as a mango tree will certainly product  mango fruit.

So, when you are seeing what you do not like, don't just be in a hurry to shout at your self or at your closest neighbor, rather, take a minute to ask your self, Is this what I sow, Is this the fruit of my work or labour then how come? What happened?

The Universe Bank account:
You know the law of nature is like the Universe Bank, you can only cash out what you load in to the account. And addition to that, there is no Quee , no teller to be fill, no cashier to deliver your request! So nothing like cheat will ever occur, because it is like self-service, It's some what systematic.

It does not have network failure or such a thing as bad network like in Nigeria, because its system is in charge of every existing thing, which human are part of.

Defaulter of the law of nature will have them self to blame heavily because there will be no aid or help, no advocate from anywhere! there will be no judiciary court to sue one's case, and there will be no supreme Court to beckon on, peraventure the judiciary failed. 

Right then, every thing goes back to one on one and the defaulter will have to face the consequences of their actions 
And only by then, can one truly acknowledge the truth then, that no one can be smarter than the nature's law perhaps.. the defaulter would seek for the second chance to right wrong but such do not exit in the book of nature's law. 
contrarily, the obedient fellows, would then get pay back, some calls that reward but I would rather call it refund, for the right seed sown, right deed.- which is the right fruit of their work or labour. 

Conclusion: what ever you do or doing, know it now that just one-day you will get it back to your self, and then, there will be no lawyer, not court room, and no hanky-panky says Chidi Young.

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