Media Presents; On Chidi Young's Today Facebook Version Of Trust, The Intangible Currency Verses Money, The Tangible Currency.


On Chidi Young's Today :- Trust, The Intangible Currency Vs Money, The Tangible Currency.

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The Difference Is Staggering. The Later Can Not Compete With The Former. The Gap is Very High, But Many Individuals are Much More After The Later Why?

Because They Do Not Know.
But, Now You Have Known It Here.

Build Up Your Trust Bank With Anyone You Meet From Now On, Don't Fake It, Be Real, Be Genuine, You Can Be Trusted.

You Will Enjoy The benefits Of Being Trustworthy. It's Numerous.

I Trust You With This Secret Today,Yes It Is A Secret. The Value Of Trust Is A Secret., A Mystery. The  Value Of Trust Will Never Show Up Or Speak Forth Until The Action Is Complete. The Value Thereof Hide In The Action To Be Taking And That Is Why It's A Mystery. Trust Is A Mystery. Likewise Love.

Trust Has To Be Earned, And It Usually Comes When You Are Tested. Trust is a foundation built one brick at a time.". The Author of this quote is Jeffrey Fry.

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