On Chidi Young's Today Presents Food For Thought For All Male ( Man) Leak.


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On Chidi Young's Today:- Who Is Actually A Man?

 What Makes A Male A Man! 

Does Marriage Make A Male A Man?

What Is The Difference Between A Male And A Man?

I Know Majority Of Male Think That Their Penis Is What Make Them A Man. 

Such Is Not True But A Half Truth. Penis Make You A Male Not A Man .

Responsibility Make A Male A Man. In Other Words, Work Is What Make A Male A Man. 

Be A Man And Not Just Only A Male.

Evidence Of This Input Is Everywhere On The Street And Are In Majority Of Families Where Male Is There But The Presence Of A Man Is Not There, Not Felt, And Not Actively Functioning. 

Thus You Will See A Grown Male Who Assume Himself A Man But Lack The Character And  Responsibility And End Up A Mockery To Manhood. 

Do Not Forget That Man Is The Head Of The Family And Not Necessarily Male. If That Is A Truth Then, There Are Things , Characters , Qualities Which Will Make A Male A Man Which Without, Regardless Of Age, He Still Remain Nothing But A Male.

My Conclusion: Male Attitude, Character, Quality Can Not Manage A Family Nor Build A Home; It Only Take A Man To Do Such. 

 Do You Want To Get Married?

Become A Man First Of All.

 How ?

1)  Get engaged To Work. 2) Have Responsibilities 3) Don't Reject Challenges. 4) Manage Your Affairs. 5) Build Up Your Self-Control.

It Takes A Mannish Mentality To Accept Those Few Things Above, In Other Words, A Male Will Want To Stay Way From Such, Dodge It, 


As One Get Engaged To The Above Mentioned, They Will Build You Up To Face The Realities Of Man.

Being A Man Is More To Having A Penis And Being Able To Fack Hard, 

If Man Is Good In Bed Only, He Still Have Hard Realities To Face As A  Man.

Manhood Is Lifetime Work And Responsibilities.

I Hope Every Male Who Come Across This Input Will Change Attitude And Behavior Towards Work In Other To Become. A Builder Of Family/ Home. Good Luck.





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