A Man Jogged A 20 Kilometers Distance In Imo State, Nigeria. By Chidi Young.


On Chidi Young's Today:- A 20 Kilometers Jog From Big Tyre Junction Enyiogugu Mbaise To Owerri Municipal Fire Service Round About Today..

A Man Jogged A 20 Kilometers Distance In Imo State Nigeria. By Chidi Young. Image Source: Itel A58Pro Capture.

I Hit It On Time Anyway.

This Reminds Me That What Ever Anyone Can Think Of, If Persist To It, He Can Achieve It.

A 20 Kilometers Jog Was A Dream That Came Through.

I Only Thought Of It The First Time, Imagined It, Was Determined To Do It, Started Small By Small And With Persistent, It Was Done Today.

Just A Joke, I Chidi Young Jogged From Big Tyre Junction Enyiogugu Mbaise To Owerri Municipal Fire Service Round About. A 20 Kilometers Distance. A 2 Hours And 7 Minutes Jog.

What You Can Accomplish If You Can Be Determined To A Course, Persist To It Will Be Unimaginable Even To Your Self.

Before Now, If I Were Told To Run A 20 Kilometers Distance, It Would Be As Joke. However, With Determined Spirit And A Made Up Mind, I ran 20 Kilometers, Something I Have Never Done Since My Birth, I Went On To Do It.
One Thing I Love So Much About My Road Work ( Jogging) Is I Was Able To Take Up Self Assigned Task And Run Through With It, & Hit My Target.

Two, I Was Able To Be True To Myself By Completing The Task I Announced To My Fab (Views) Thus Living And Acting Out My Word.

Thirdly, I Was Able To  Set A Record Of Jogging From Mbaise To Owerri Fire Service Round About. A 20 Kilometers Distance By Foot. Thus, I'm Mbaise Jogger 2023.

Fourthly, I Was Able To Do Something, Friends, People Thought Unbelievable, Unimaginable. Or Hardly Heard Or Seen. Waken Up By 04:30 am Every Morning To Take On My Self-given Task Till It's Completed As Today.

What I Learned.

 My Participation On The Self Assigned Task Thought Me That Anyone Can Finish What He Or She Began But Just With Time.

1) Determination Has It's Reason For Existence:  When Anyone Is Determined To A Certain Engagement Or Course, He Become Deaf And Blind To Risk. Risk Is A Product Of Fear, And Fear Can Be Conquered.

2) Persistence Unnegotiable: When It Comes To Hitting A Target., A Goal.
One Need To Persist At It And To It. Doing it As Though It's The Last Time Opportunity. Persistence Is An Attitude Which States I Will See The End Of This Or That. A Never Back Out Mindset. A Quit-less Mentality. So, One Of The Things I Learned Through My Participation On My Jogging Exercise Is Persistence Is One Of The Keys To Achieving Any Set Goal Or Target. 

 My Conclusion, Determination And Persistence Is An Invisible Force Capable Of Driving Anyone To Any Destination In  life.

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