Mbaise Jogger | Chidi Young Jogged From Enyiogugu, Mbaise To Seven & Half (7 & Half), OBOWO . A 28 Kilometers Distance Covered By Foot.



Mbaise Jogger| Chidi Young image on jogging from Enyiogugu To OBOWO,A 28 Kilometers Distance By Foot

Mbaise Jogger Covered A 28 Kilometers Distance By Foot Jog.

The Person Behind The Jogging Exercise Tagged Mbaise Jogger Is Chidi Young.

Chidi Young Actually Began His Jogging Exercise From Just Covering A Kilometer To Two Kilometers. 

However, He Went On Little By Little , Stage By Stage As He Began To Move ahead Of And Surpass  his previous covered distance.

He Never Thought Of A Half Marathon Jog But His Motivation Was To Out Ran And Surpass His Previous Covered Distance. That Made His Jogging Exercise Somewhat Fun To Him Even Though It Was A Challenge But His Desire To Reach Farther Distance Help Him To Overcome This Challenge.

Chidi Young As A Young Man Of Strong Will, he Kept Pushing Until He Reached Five Kilometers Distance By Jogging.

Mbaise Jogger| Chidi Young's Image Behind A River at OBOWO.

He Never Saw Such far off, A Five Kilometers, As His Peak However, He Then Strategized How To Make His New Formed Exercise which is Jogging A Fun And interesting Practice.

This His Faith Moved Him To Reach Farther Than He Had Thought Possible By Covering A 10 Kilometers Distance By jogging. This Distance Stretched From Big Tyre Junction, Enyiogugu Mbaise To Nkwo Emekuku, Owerri North. Yet Such far flung He Covered By Foot through Jogging Seems To Him To be So  Little to What His Set Target Is At The Time.

As It Was Fun To Jogged Such Far Distance To His Amazement And To The Surprise Of Those who Had Been Following Up His Jogging Exercise , In The Same Vain, It Was Tough And Full of Challenges, However, The Latter Never deterred Him from Keeping Up To reaching To His Desired Destination, Which at the time Was To cover A 20 Kilometers Distance By Foot Jog.

Mbaise Jogger| Chidi Young image at OBOWO Local Government Area Of Imo State.

Chidi Young Was Determined To reach his set Target,so Quitting was never part of his agenda on his jogging Exercise. So, he kept on pushing to Reach A 20 Kilometers Distance, this Covers From Big Tyre Junction Enyiogugu, Mbaise To Owerri Municipal (Fire Service Round About). A Day Indeed Marks A Story.. 

From Enyiogugu Mbaise To Owerri Is Indeed A Great Distance in Terms Of By Foot or by Jog. Such Distance too is A Half Marathon Kinda Jog. Nobody dares to do such a thing except an abnormal person. A Jog Of Two Hours And 7 Minutes. However, After Such Distance, Chidi Young Still Had The Desire To Outdo And Surpass His Current covered distance by foot Jog. With his bulldog courage.

Thus, He Went on for a Far Flung distance. So he set his new target to reach, this time, his target was to jog from Big Tyre Junction Enyiogugu, Mbaise To Seven & Half (7 & half) OBOWO. however, he as well started stage by stage as his routine. First, he Jogged From Big Tyre Junction, Enyiogugu To Nkwo Ogwu Junction To And Fro. And On The Another day, On the Enyiogugu To OBOWO Axis, He Jogged From Big Tyre Junction, Enyiogugu To Ahiara Junction Round About To And Fro.

Mbaise Jogger| Chidi Young image besides A big Rock at OBOWO.

On the third day, Chidi Young Jogged From Big Tyre Junction Enyiogugu Mbaise To Seven & Half (7 & half) OBOWO. A 28 Kilometers Distance covered by foot jog.

Enyiogugu To OBOWO is far Off than Enyiogugu To Owerri Fire Service Round About by eight (8) Kilometers difference. Such Distance is as far as No normal person would want to try such thing on right Sense. Such distance is so far to a point that only an abnormal person can go Such distance by foot but not by jog. Could it be that the desire to cover farther distance and outdo and surpass his current Covered distance made Chidi Young abnormal at the time? Desire, Passion, Commitment, Persistence And Courage Can Stir Anyone Up To Do Unusual Or abnormal Thing.

Mbaise Jogger| Enyiogugu To OBOWO Jogger Chidi Young.

While I was on the jog, it got to a point where i realized the fact that I was doing an abnormal Exercise, an abnormal practice but I couldn't Quit because I have already made up my mind to reach my set Target which is to jog from Enyiogugu To OBOWO. During the process, there were a lot of Challenge, but I remembered a powerful quote by Vince Lombardi ''Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win"  And This Kept my Heart Focus And Strong to endure Pains and Accept Pains at the time As Scars on my path to victory..

Actually I Didn't Know Exactly What I Was Doing at The Time but only what I could hold on was the desire & Passion that I had to jog to certain distant, I didn't do that for money nor did i do it for Acknowledgment.. but I think I did it for exercise, fitness and fun. Thus Did set a pace and validate a claim of such Tag Mbaise Jogger.

However A 28 Kilometers Distance Is Not yet My Peak, So To Say, rather, I'm Looking Forward to  Jog From Mbaise, Imo State To Abia Tower. A Kind of Inter-State Jog. I Actually do not yet know How soon the exercise is going to take place, but as soon as I prepare my self for such far off Jog ,then, I will embark on The Safe assigned task.

Mbaise Jogger| Chidi Young At River Side At OBOWO L.G.A, Imo State.

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