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On Chidi Young's Today:- Topic Truth:
Is Truth Sweet Or Bitter? Is There A Thing As Misconception Of Truth? This Questions Need An Answer. Who Or What Is The Source Of Truth? The Origin Of Truth!
Is Truth Eternal Or Mortal? Who Can Give Us A Reasonable And Reliable And Trusted Answer To All Of The Above Questions! What Is The Relationship Between Truth & Light? Do They Have The Same Spiritual Source? I Have Done My Research, I Have Sought Knowledge From Divine, From God. To Give Answers To All These Questions .. 

   Kindly Follow Through Because What Is Available Will illuminate You, Definitely You Will Be Enlightened After Going Through The Answers Of The Above Questions Below..

  Let's Begin, First, I Want To Say That This Topic is More Of Spiritual Than Physical. Physically- Truth Is Bitter. Spiritually- Truth Is Sweet. Coming Down To People's Behavior, It's Only Positive Spiritual People Can Accept The Bitter Aspect Of Truth In The Physical World. Whereas, Carnal People will Accept Lie Instead. The Reason Is Worldly Or Carnal People Know That Truth Is Bitter, & That They Knew Is The Physical Aspect Of Truth ONLY. They're Void Of The True Knowledge Of The Spiritual Aspect Of Truth Which Is Truth Is Sweet In The Spiritual Sense Or World. However, Hence The Spiritual Controls The Physical,This Means Truth Is Sweet. You Know How Hard It's For Someone To Accept The Wrong They Did Because Of The Physical Perceived Bitter Of The Truth At The Time..E.g. You Probably Have Seen Where Someone Is Struggling To Accept That He Or She Did Something  Or Verbatim, Yes, I Did It... Why? Because The Person In Question At The Spot Perceived The Physical Bitter Side Of The Truth, And Such, Physically Pains To Accept Promptly. And You Will Agree With Me The Fact That Some Worldly/Carnal People Do Say, Even Though They Believe It. They Means It too. '' Tell Me Lies If The Truth Will Hurt Me.'' However, A Positive Spiritual Person Would Rather Say '' Tell Me The Truth Even If It's Bitter''.

 The Reason Is This! They Know That There's Something Sweet In The Spiritual Aspect Or Side Of Hearing & Speaking The Truth. Probably, U Have Heard Someone Say Something Like '' To Hell With Your Truth! Such Comment Is A Misconception Of The Truth, However, Truth Sourced & Emanates From God & Can Not On No Circumstances Go To Hell Because Its Nature Is Divine. The Nature Of Truth Is Godly.

Therefore, Truth Is Immortal, It's Eternal. The Truth & The Light Emanates From The Same Source, God. Light Shines In Darkness & Darkness Comprends It Not.

 Truth  Breed Light. When U Speak The Truth, U Turned On Light. When U Speak The Truth, U Are Speaking Eternal Words. When U Hear The Truth, U Are Hearing Immortal Words. The More U Speak The Truth, The More U Are Getting Acquainted With Immortal, Even Though You Have Part Of Mortal, Which Is Of Course Your Body. Truth Is Spiritual..

 That's Why When U Speak The Truth, Ur Spirit Feels Free From Bondage, Cage, Yoke, Burden. Truth Makes Your Spirit, Body & Soul Light, & Free. Say The Truth, Speak it, Hear It. It's Immortal. The Truth Is You Have An Immortal Nature. Truth Is Divine. Truth Is Spiritually Sweet.

 This is Brought To You From On Chidi Young's Today.

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