On Chidi Young's Today | The Amazing Power Of Humility And Loyalty.


In Terms Of Having A Better Union, Be It Relationship, Marriage Or Any Other Union Like An Organization. Humility And Loyalty Pays Alot...

For A Relationship To Succeed And For A Marriage Union To Stand The Test Of Life... Humility And Loyalty Has To Be The Union Motto.

It's Not An Easy Attitude But It's A Possible Attitude.

Humility And Loyalty Is An Attitude.

It's Not Inborn However, It's Learnable Through Self Imposed Discipline, Through Practice, One Will Get Better On The Course Of Humility And Loyalty.

Where There's Humility And Loyalty, Peace Is Amidst. TRUE Love is Also Amid Of Such Attitude.

Hatred, Malice, Backbiting , Quarrel, Will Be Far And Anger, Annoyance Will Be Keep At Bay.

Benefits Of Humility And Loyalty Are Immense.

1) They Guarantee A Peaceful Family/ Home.

1) They Secure Oneness, Togetherness.

3)Any Relationship That Has Humility And Loyalty In Common Will Not Know Breakup.

Finally, I Hope Someone Will Incorporate Humility And Loyalty Today To Enjoy The Amazing Power That Such Attitude Carry.


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