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On Chidi Young's Today | Topic God's Grace PT1.

Grace Is Better Than Labor, And Sweater Than Honey🍯..

Labor Without Grace Might Only End One Up On Toiling, Struggling And My Point Is These Two Character Or Element Is Not Enough And Can Never Be Enough.

This Is Why Someone Might Be Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually Strong And Up doing But Yet  Struggling, Suffering And Smiling.

Grace Is Something Divine In Nature.
Grace Is Beyond Natural Calculation. Grace Is Beyond Science And Technology ( I Believe This One Made You Laugh Or Smile)
Grace Is Underserved God's Favor.( There's Great Difference Between God's Favor And Man's Favor) However, God Uses Man To Accomplish Most Of His Need, Or  Desire Of Earth.

How To Find Grace.

1)However, Grace Can Be Sough-after. 2)Grace Can Be Asked For.
3)Grace Is Receivable. 4)Grace Is Favor Of God On A Man Or Woman.

Whatever Anyone Or You Perhaps Lost, Lack, Want Or Need; Ask God For Grace.

With God's Grace, What One Or Perhaps You Lost In The Past Can Be Restored. When I Say What You Lost In The Past, I Literally Mean Anything, Regardless Whatever It Is.

Grace Is God Being In Charge, Control On The Affairs Of A Man Or Woman.

How To Receive God's Grace On A Thing.

1) Ask: Ask God For Grace On Regard To What You WANT. Example, God Give Me The Grace To Finish My Final Year Project Without Malpractice.. God Give Me The Grace To See My Great-grandchildren. God Give Me The Grace To Witness Heaven On Earth. (For Young People), Don't Be Shy To Ask God For The Grace To Be Rich, Or Wealthy. God Is Your Father ( Your Creator, Your Maker) However, When You (I Mean Young People)Ask God For Grace To Be Rich Or Wealthy... MAKE NO MISTAKE On Telling Him Why You Want To Be Rich Or Wealthy. Example; God, People Are Lamenting There's No Or Little Job For Them, Give Me The Grace To Be Rich And Wealthy So That I Can Be Able To Create Job Opportunity For People To Work And Make Legit Money..

2) Believe: Believe With Your Soul(Heart) That God Heard You As You Had Asked.

3) Faith: Have Faith That God Has Done UnTo You According To Your Heart Desire.

4) Thanks Giving: Always Thank God For The Grace You Asked For ( Whether Your Physical Senses Can Sense It Or Not. Wether Your Hands Can Touch It, Hold It As The Time, Immediate Or Not. Whether Your Physical Eye Can See What You Had Asked For At The Time Or Not, Thank God For Having Giving What You Had Asked For To You. When You Say This, Thank You In Acknowledgement Of Whatever Grace You Probably Had Asked, You Hype Your Believe On What You Asked And Trigger Your Faith To Receiving Mode. And Yes, You Will Receive.

I Chidi Young Sincerely Wish You The Best That God Has In Store For You In Life, More Especially, I Wish Your Family Love, Togetherness And Progress...

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