The Mind Is Your Brain Box.. Said On Chidi Young's Today.



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On Chidi Young's Today | The Mind Is Your Brain Box.. 

Whatever Consistently Dominate Your Mind, With Time, Will Soon Reflect In Your World.

Two World In One World I Quote. This Not Actually A Paradox. No.

Your World Which I Called Internal World..
AND The World Which I Called External World.

On My Opinion, Your Job Is First To Rule Your Own World, Glo Network, Did A Ferret Work Before They Could Endorse That Statement Prior As Their Slogan. Rule Your World.

However, One Ruling One's World Imply The Following 1) One Being In Charge. 2) One Being In Control. 3) One First And Foremost  Giving Attention To One's Affairs Rather Than Public Affairs.

Human Mind Is Store House Of Potent Where Anything Can Be Fashion... In Other Words, The Mind Is Full And Loaded With Potentials.

However, How One's Life Is , Is Simply A Reflection Of What The Fellow's Mind Metered At A Time.

However, One Can Be In Charge, Yes, I Mean In Control Of What Goes In To His Or Her Mind.

It's Important I Bring It To You Right Here That Your Mind Is Subject To Education, Training, If Anyone Wants To Make The Most Of His Or Her Mind.

I Will Be Stopping At This Juncture But It's My Believe That Someone Will Repossess His Or Her Mind By This Glimpse Of Knowledge And Get His Or Her Mind To Work For Him Or Her And Not Against In Any Case.

Thank You For Today And Stay Blessed.

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