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Be Positive With Life, However, Discipline Your Self To Most Times  Think Of Positive Things Against The Popular Odd Of Negativities And I Tell You, You Get Nothing To Lose...

Be Among The Teachers Of Good Moral Value. First, Equip Your Self With Tool Set Of Moral Standard And Let Them Become Your Personified Principle However, Let Their Foundation Be Drawn From God's Law/Word.. Then, Live By Those Law Or Principle Of Yours. They Will Make You Build Up Your Self Discipline.

What Is In Development Of Self Discipline

Self Discipline Will Make One To Be In Control And In Command Of Whatever Come UnTo One Or Against One.

Self Discipline Is A Tool Anyone Can Equip One Self With. However, With Self-Discipline And Positive Attitude And Good Moral Standard And Values, I Chidi Young Promise You That You Will Rule Your World.

There's Still Need To Let You Know This My Friend 🤔 . As You Become A Positive Person With A Good Sense Of Moral Standard And Value, Does Not Mean That You Will Be All Time Perfect And Never Default. NO❗But, It Will Help You To Know When You Cross The Right Line So In Other To Redress Your Self. Thus, When You Done immoral Act, You Will Cease Your Self From Promoting It, Hyping It, Or Accepting It As Right Did, Thus, Killing Self-Conscience. Instead, When You Sense Negative Thought In Your Heart Or You Fell Short On Your Good Moral Standard And Value, You Will Immediately Go Back To Correct Your Self And Make Self Promise Not To Get On With Such Act Again. ( Once You Do Something Bad, Don't Wait Long, Go Back To Right The Wrong.)

Natural Promise
Negative Thought Will Always Come To You From Different Source, From Source That You Know Like Social Media, Television, Radio, And People. And From Source Which You Do Not Know About, Like From Ether. But, Disconnect Any Negative Thought By Simply Saying To Your Thought. NO, I Will Not Do It. NO, I Will Not Say Such. NO, I Will Not Act Like This Or That.

When A Bad Thought Flash In To Your Mind, Whenever Your Brain Conceive A Negative Thought... SAY NO To Such.. For Instance, NO, I Won't Steal. NO, I Won't Take What Is Not Legally Mine. NO, I Don't Want To Cheat My Spouse, My Partner, My Coworker, My Friend Or My Neighbor. NO, I Don't Want To Take Bribe, If It's A Bribe, I Don't Want.. Keep Your Money. NO, I Don't Want To Flirt. NO,  I Don't Want To Lie On This Or That. That's The Act Of Self Discipline.

As You Practice This, You Will Become A Positive Person With Good Moral Standard And Values. And I Hope That You Will.

Finally, Learn The Art Of Positive Attitude And Good Moral Standard
And Value Transfer To People's Life And Behavior.. All Of These Are Part And Parcel Of Good Work Unto God, And A Good Service To Humanity.

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