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Seldom Can One Train A Grown Up Person 🤔. This Is Why To Best Train Someone, One Have To Do It When One Is Still Growing Up Or Still A Child. 

Some Mistake People Make In Life Is This ❕ When Someone Failed To Learn Some Certain Things While Growing Up, The Moment The Person Had Grown Up, Chance Of Learning Reduces, Thus, Learning Become A Problem Because A Grown Up Person's Mind Is Indirectly Fixed To What They Had Learned & Again, Not Everyone Has The Mental Capacity To Unlearn, And Relearn What He Or She Had Learned So Many Years Ago, In Other To Learn Better, & The Reason Is Very Simple, Not Everyone Has Developed Self-Discipline And Humility Which Are Of course good Characters That Will Enable One To Follow Through Anything Or Anyone On What One Probably Want To Grasp Or Learn.. This Is Why It Become Hard For An Adult To Learn Easily.

So, What An Adult, A Grown Up  Usually, Commonly And MOST Often Does Is To Defend What He Or She Had Known, Or Learned Over The Years Because That Is Somehow, What He Or She Had Believe Is Okay Or Self-Belief Right & Perfect. However, It Will Only Take Self-Discipline & Humility For An Adult Person To Summit Oneself To Learning What He Or She Do Not Know. Evidence That Back This Presentation Is Seen In Traditional Education System Where If An Adult Leave Schooling For Any Reason, To Go Back & Finish Schooling, Both In High School & University Become A Problem Resulting To Many Drop Out...

This Evidence Hold True To Those On Skill Acquisition. That's The Effect Of Lack Of Self-Discipline & Humility In Learning & It's Common  Adult Experience.

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So, Here Is The Solution.. Adult, Make Your Self Teachable Because You Do Not Always Know Everything. However, Parents, The Right Time To Induce, Teach & Impart Anyone Especially Children Is When They're Still Growing Up, Yes Tender, Still a Child, Because, Not Everyone Has Open Brain Or Mind(Intelligent) To Learn Anything Anytime But When One Is Still Growing Up, Still A Child, The Mind/Brain Is Receptive To Information(Knowledge). 

My Advice To Anyone; Never You Follow The Traditional System Of Parenting ( Old School System) To Train Your Child.. 

What Do I Mean By That❓ Never U Say He Or She Is Still A Child, He Or She Will Know It Later Or Learn It After.. However, Start Earlier To Induce And Teach Your Kids Whatever Knowledge You Want To Equip Them With ( You Want Your Kids to Learn, know Or Not). Children's Mind/Brain Are Fertile To Receive Information( Knowledge) Better,  More & Faster Than Adult Person Because Their Mind/Brain Are Virgin, Not Yet Corrupt.. So, The Children's Mind/Brain Are Magnetic And ( Receptive) To Information.

How To Know Who To Learn From ❔ Whoever, Tells U What Is Truth, What In Your Heart You Agree That He Or She Is Speaking The Truth, Then, You Have To Learn From Such Person To Better Your Own Life. 

I Believe This With 100% Conviction In My Heart, ''Your Family Is Your MOST Priority On Earth Here Is``.. Coming Soon. There's Secrets I Will Reveal To You On The Above Topic.. However, Make Your self Teachable, Learn From It, If You Had In Any Way Made A Mistake, Correct Your Self, Now That You Have Time & Chance, Earlier Is Better..  Your Family Should Be Placed First Before Any Thing Else.. Let Me Leave You With This Question, That Best illustrate What Your Current Most Priority On Earth. Keep Your Answer To Your Self.  When You Want To Have A Good Time, Where Do You Usually Think Of Going ❓ A) Home, B) Beer Parlor, C ) A Friend House D) Else Where. 

Do Have A Beautiful Day.

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