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I Have Made A Discovery This Morning About Faith, Belief And Conviction. Do You Agree With Me That We Learn Everyday ❓

If Yes Is Your Answer, Then, Prepare Your Mind To Receive What I Have Discovered Just By Turning On To One Of My Source Of Knowledge Receiver..

Do U Agree With Me That No Knowledge Is Totally A Waste ❓

If Yes Is Your Response, Then, You  Are A Good Candidate To Receive This Light On Regards To The Most Confused & Complicated And Yet Related In Nature Called Faith, Belief & Conviction.

Firstly, By My Discovery, You Will Understand Why Majority Of People Who Think That They Have Faith, Has Zero Faith, Nothing, Or China Faith.

I Know That Someone Will Be Like What Is China Faith ❓

Let Me Define China Faith; China Faith Is Chidi Young Term Of Fake Faith And As That , It's A Peripheral Faith And Not Personalized And Not Internalized Kind Of Faith.

Secondly, By My Discovery, You Will Come To The Understanding Of How To Have True Or Real Faith That Work Wonders And Not Magic.

The Motive For The Incoming Newest Discovery I Made About Faith, Belief And Conviction Is To Correct Misconception, Misunderstanding And Miscommunicated Knowledge In Someone's Mind Perhaps Your Mind Per se.

As A Matter Of Fact, On This My Discovery, You Are The First Partaker, Thus, You Have All For Yourself Unsought VViPP (Very Very Important Person)Position On The Presentation Of My Newest Discovery Today.

Expect It My Friend...


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