On Chidi Young's Today | How To Control Your Enemy PT1.



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On Chidi Young's Today| How To Control Your Enemy PT1.

When Ever There's A Hot Argument, Anger Or Annoyance Around You  From Someone Which Might Lead To Fighting, Or Kicking.  You Can Be In Control Of The Whole Matter By Simply Being Calm And Composed.

What You Need To Do Is Simple.

Don't Talk More Than A Word.. Whileas Your Enemy(Opponent) Will Be Antagonizing, Boiling With Anger, Annoyance like, Do You Know Who I Am❓ Who The Hell Do You Think You Are❓

If I Do This Or That.. If I  Make A Call, Shouting Upon Shouting..

Do Not Be Moved By Such Self Acclaimed Boostful Words Or Braggadocio..

Still Remain Calm, The Person Will Go On To Reveal His Strength, And Weakness To You Without Knowing It.

You Have To Maintain Being Absolutely Calm And Collected.

Upon Your Enemy's Yelling And Shouting, Look Straight Into The Person's Eyes.. And Keep That Look Like Few Seconds.. (That Look Means, If I Handle You This Moment, Abeg, Please, I'm Sorry, Will Not Help You.)

You Are Not Afraid Of The Person By Not Talking Back To Back But Just That You Want To Remain In Control, Which Is The End Objective Of Your Well Intended Action Of Not Talking Back To Your Enemy ,  To Be In Charge Of The Matter. BY Being Calm, You Are In Control.

Surprise, Surprise.

If The Person Is Not Yet Insane, After The Witness Your Uncommon Attitude,The Person Will Surrender And Begin To Ask For Apologies.

However, If The Person Is Insane,
The Person Will Shout And Go Away But In Truth, The Person Will Be Afraid Of You Inside Of Him Or Her.

At Last You Are In Control, Yes, You Won, Simply By Not Talking Back To Your Enemy's Yelling.

This Technique Or System Work Like Juju ( Magic).

It Can Put You In Charge Any Where..
You Can Also Exhibit This Technique Or System When You Attend A Meeting, Or Social Gathering By Being Calm And Relax And Collected And Composed.

Other People Will Hunger For Your Opinion. Use This For Good Only.


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