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On Chidi Youngs Today | Topic: Success And Failure.

Success Is Predictable Likewise Failure. Life Is Not A Product Of Chance, Nor Luck. Even If Your Name Is Lucky. Now You Know If Your Life Had All Time Witness Luck, Don't Fool Self, What One Sow,That Shall One Reap. No Magic Wand On The Quest Of Life That Will Last. Whoever Win Is One Whose Mind Will's To Win.

Some Times, Quest Of Life Will Be Smooth & Easygoing Whereas Some Other Time, It Will Be Tough And Full Of Challenge. The Making(Breakthrough) Of One Is Not When There Is Less Challenge Rather When The Challenge Is Even Pressing And Severe, There Lies One's Making.

This Is Why Iron Can Only Take Better Shape When It's Heated The Most On Fire, And Gold Need Pressure Of Hot Fire Several Times Before The World Will Witness Her High Value In Any Market, And Also, The Lion Need Elephant To Still Maintain Her Title ''King Of The Jungle ''

You Too Need Life's Challenge To Have A Record Of Breakthrough.. If The Challenge Is Tough, The Breakthrough Value Will Be High.

When Things Get Tough For You, It's An Indication That You Are About To Witness A Transition.

So, My Point Is When Life Throw On You Her Tough And Challenge, It's An Opportunity For You To Breakthrough. However, You Have To See It As That, In Other To Make The Most Of Any Challenge And Take Advantage Of Life's Challenge. And I Hope From Now Hence Forth, You Will See Every Tough And Life's Challenge As An Opportunity To Break Forth.
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