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To Everything Both Inanimate & Animate Thing Has A Source.Thus I Mean Nothing Can Exit Without A Trace From Which That Came To Be.

 NO Single Thing Has Ever Had Such Record As It ''Came From Nothing''. If U Can Agree With Me,

What's The Source Of Any Plant ❓The Answer Is The Seed.  

What's The Source Of Any Seed ❓ The Answer Is The Earth. Only Few People On Earth Know This Truth. No Cause For Argument, And There's No Reason For Agitation.

Thus,The Seed Source The Plant, & The Earth Source The Seed.

What Is The Source Of Man { Male, Female}❓The Answer Is God. 

What Is The Source Of Earth❓The Answer Is God. Thus, Everything That Exit Anywhere Has Its Source \Root From God. 

But, Man Is A Direct Image Of God. And Only Man{ Male & Female} Has God's Nature. Thus Implies That You Are Created In Likeness Of God.. God's Quality And Character Are In You. This Is Why Man,(You) Can Speak A Thing Into Exitance Or Being. Because God's Nature Is In Man Which Is You.

You Can Speak Health Into Being (Into Your Life Or Someone's Life). You Can Speak Wealth Into Being. You Can Speak Abundance Of Any Thing Of One's Choice Into Existence Into Your Life Or Your Family( Consciously And Persistently).

Depending On The Level Of Your Power, You Can Speak To Rain (Water) To Stop From Raining And It Will Be Obedient To You Because Of God's Nature In Man ( You) . 

How To Gain Power \ How To Grow Power And How To Retain Power/ Authority Over Created Thing.

On This Context, There's But Only One Just And Right Way To Gain Power \ Authority And To Grow Power And To Retain Power\ Authority Over  Created Thing Is A Total Obedience To God's Law And Principle Which Source From God's Word.

Here's How It Work.

A Man's (Male, Female) Total Obedience To Supreme God's Law And Principle, Positions Man To Have Dominion And Power And Authority Over Any Other Created Thing By The Privilege Of God's Nature In Man (Male & Female. You.) Which Was Given To You In Creation By Supreme God..

What Is The Name And The Source Of This Power Unveiled To You Today❓

The Answer Is ''Revelational Power'',  The Knowledge Of Eternal Wisdom Of Source And By And Through The Application Of This Knowledge ( Writing It Down To You And For Anybody Else) Comes Wisdom. However, The Assimilation And Comprehensiveness Of This Eternal Wisdom Of Source Which Is 100% Individual & Personal Becomes Deep Understanding.

The Source Of Wisdom Is God. To Get Wisdom Is To Fear God. 

What Is To Fear God ❓

To Be Obedience To God's Law And Principle Which Source From God's Word. Thus Give Man( Male, Female) Power\ Authority Over Any Created Thing Both Inanimate And Animate. Dead Or Living Thing Alike.

Who Unveiled This Eternal Wisdom Of Source To Humanity ❓ The Answer Is God.

 Through What Vessel❓ The Answer Is Through Chidi Young Vessel.

Who Created Chidi Young And Who Gave Him The Secret Of The Eternal Wisdom Of Source ❓ The Answer Is God.


Are The Knowledge Revealed Through The Eternal Wisdom Of Source Truly Eternal ❓

The Answer Is 100% Eternal And True As A Star In The Upper Firmament Is 100 Times And Even Beyond, Greater Than The  Planet Earth.

And All That Are In Milky Way, Billions Of Galaxies Are Source From Supreme God. All Of Them, And That, He Spake Into Existence... And By Privilege, The Supreme God Gave Man{ Male, Female) His Awesome Nature. And Demand But One Just Thing From Man Which Is A Total Obedience To His Law And Principle. God Made Man( Male, And Female) To Be Powerful On Earth, He Gave Them Authority To Have Dominion Over Every Created Thing. And Man (You) Are Meant ( Created, Made) To Be In Charge On Earth Affairs Because Man(You) Have In You The Exact Attribute And Character Of Supreme God. And That God's Characters And Quality Which Is Built In You In Creation Are Meant To Be Manifested On Earth.. And Not In Heaven..

I Just Want To Stop Here For Now. But it's My Trust And Belief That You Were Enlightened By The Revelation Of The Eternal Wisdom Of Source. 

However, To Maximize This Knowledge, (1) Bookmark This Input (2) Read This Three (3 Times).

Thank You For Today My Good Friend And Do Have A Happy Moment And Beautiful New Month Of NOVEMBER.

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