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On Chidi Young's Today | Topic:The Will.

The Human Will Is The Most Strongest Component In Anyone's Life.

The Will Is Stronger Than Desire Which Is An Emotion. The Will Is Stronger Than Want.

The Will Is Stronger Than One's Thought Which Is A Function Of The Mind.

The Will Is The Strongest Of All Human Component. If Anyone Can Master His Or Her Will Power And  Direct It Positively And Effectively, The Person Will Not Only Be The Master Of His Or Her Life But Will Also Be Seen As Master Over The Affairs Of His Or Her Surrounding.

A Person Who Trains His Or Her Will To Become Stronger Than Normal Use Or Application Has Indirectly Equip Him Or Her Self With The Highest Degree Of  Arms To Neutralize Any Form Of Mental Attack, Which Perhaps Might Lead  To A Physical Attack .

Simply Put, By The Act Of The Will Comes War..

By The Execution Of The Will Comes Love Or Hatred.

By The Act Of The Will Comes Peace Or Quarrel.

By The Act Of The Will Comes Hate Speech, Gossip, Back Bitting, Or Promotion, Help, Support & Encouragement.

By The Act Of The Will Comes Fighting, And Killing.

War, Fight, Quarrel, Gossip, Hatred, Envy, Jealousy, Can Be Put Off By The Act Of One's Will Power.

Most Of One's Action Are Propelled By One's Will.

The Will Is The Boss Of Anyone's Life..
The Caterpillar{Backbone, Strength} Of One's Thought,
And The Propeller Of One's Emotion.

The Power Of The Will, {Your Will} Are Great However, God In His Almighty Power Made It So..

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