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On Chidi Young's Today | Topic: Difference Between Your Work And Your Job PT1 | Read To Rediscover.

What Are You Born To Do ❓

What You Are Born To Do Is Your Work ( Life's Work). 

There Are Great Difference Between Your Job & Your Work ❗ 

Your Job Is What You Are Paid To Do. The Prime & Ultimate Purpose For Your Job Is The Salary Which You Receive. Thus Indicate That Termination Of Salary Will Definitely Lead To Self Termination Of Job.

Your Work Is What You Are Born To Do. The Prime And Ultimate Purpose For Your Life's Work Is The Release Of Potential To Benefit Other People, Thus Making Impart For Betterment Of Humankind. 

Life's Work Never Focus On Riches, Money Or Salary Rather It Focus On Need To Solve A Problem, Or Challenge And Passion To Pursue.

You Can Be Retired From Your Job. And You Can Be As Well Be Fired From Your Job.


You Can Not Be Retired From Your Purpose For Living, And You Can Never Be Fired From Your Life's Work.

 Here Is Why..

1) Your Work Is Your Purpose For Living.

2) Your Work Is Inborn In You.

3) Your Work Is Built-in In You.

 4) Your Work Is What You Were Created To Do.

5) Your Work Is Where You Are Built To Function Well And Proper In Life. Thus Indicate That Anything You Are Doing Outside Your Work Periphery, You Might Malfunction, And Have Experience Of A Temporal Madness Often.. Which Of course Cause You To Detest Going To Duty As Its Result. Have You Ever Said Before I Don't Want To Go To Office Today ❓ That Is Exactly What I'm Talking About. You Dislike Going To Duty, But, Because Your Salary Will Be At Stake, You Are Automatically Has No Choice Than To Go To Do What You Dislike Doing Every Day.

Do Not Confuse Your Job With Your Work, They Are Not The Same Thing.

 1) Your Job Is Your Skill. 2) Your Job Is Your Vocation.

3) Your Job Is An Assigned Task.


1) Your Work Is Where Your Passion Burns.

2) Your Work Is Where You Derive Fulfilment In Life.

 3) Your Work Gives You A True Sense Of Service To Humanity.

 4) Your Work Gives You A Sense Of Making Contribution And Adding Value To Peoples Life.

5) Your Work Is Your Gift, And This Is Why When You Are In Your life's Work\ Purpose For Living, You Can Serve It To Humans Free Of Charge, Without Salary, Without Money Or Intention To Get Rich While Doing It, And Yet Feel 100% Satisfied. And Seldom Can Anyone Perform A Job\Task Without Wanting, Or Asking For Payment In Return.

How To Identify What You Were Born To Do, Yes Your Life's Work.

1) Watch Your Passion; What Are You Passionate About. Your Life's Work Will Certainly Be What You Love To Do. When You Are On It, You Don't Mind Pending Or Postpone Your Best Meal Basically Because You Love Doing It That It Does Give You A Sense Of Busy Until You Are Done With It. 

What Was It That When You Was At The Age Of 7 To 13yrs, Was Deep Down In Your Heart. And Till Now That You Are Grown-up, You Remember It Still Deep Down In Side Your Soul. This Is Why Your Passion Can Be A Good Guide To Find What You Were Born To Do In Life. Probably, You Had Thrown It Up, Go Back To Pick It Up Again.

2) Need To Solve; What Is It That's A Challenge, Or A Problem Within Your Family, Or In Human Society That You Want To Solve. That's Giving You A Concern, And A Sleepless Night.. If You Close Your Eyes To Trace It, What Could That Be ❓

 It Often Is Something That Usually Wake You Up Late In The Night, And When You Think About It, You Usually Have This Feeling To Solve It Or Bring Remedy To it.

 Deep Down To Your Soul, What Could That Be

Whatever Your Answer Are, *Write Them Down On White Paper. File Them And Keep Them Close To Heart,* That Is Why You Were Born And What You Were Born To Do. It's Your Essence, Your Purpose, Your Significance. Within It Lies Your Value And Fulfilment In Life.

When You Discover What You Were Born To Do In Life, Which Is Your Purpose For Living, Your Work, There's Usually A Sense Of Self Clear Identity And Self- Discovery.. That Often Lead One To Say Wholeheartedly ''Now I Know ''Who I Am.''

Your Job Will Never Give You A Sense Of Self-Discovery, And Self-identity Which Are A Direct Result Of Discovering Of Purpose.

One Way To Detect If Truly You Are Working In Line To Your Purpose For Living ❓

Your Life's Work \ Purpose In Life Will Always And It Usually Does Relate To Helping Humans To Get Better In A Way Or The Other. The Element Of Helping Humans Will Not Be Missing Or Find Wanted In Anyone's Life's Work. And Can Not Be Changed With Any Other Character, Like Getting Rich, Or Making Money.

IF What You Do Or Are Doing Does Not Contribute To Making Other People Better With A Clear Sense Of Service To Humanity, Then, What You Have Is A Job And Not A Life's Work.

It's From The Aspect Of Helping Humans To Get Better Which Bring About A Sense Of Value And Contribution To Humanity That You Draw A Sense Of Fulfilment In Life.

Your Real Work Will Always Give You A Sense Of Helping & Supporting Humans And Human Society.

Your Job Will Often Bug You, You Will Always Want To Take Off, The Only Thing That Does Not Annoy You So Much In Your Job Is The Salary That You Do Receive. Which After Few Days You Had Get Paid, You Become Indifferent With Your Job Again, But For The Motive To Keep Up With Your Basic Necessity Bill, You Disregard This Internal Feelings Of Agitation In Your Heart And Keep On To Your Job Again Just Like In Circus. And You Know Exactly What I Mean. Yes, You Do.


Your Work Will Always Give You Joy, Satisfaction, Unmatchable Strength, And Motivation And A Sense Of Fulfilment.

Why They Lay You Off From Your Job Which Is Certain, Be it Now Or Later, Which Is During Your Retirement, The Human Society Will Welcome You Because They Are Aware That You Get Within You Something Important And Valuable That Were Meant To Benefit Humanity.

Do Not Go To The Grave Yard With What You Were Born To Do And Accomplish On Earth To Benefit Mankind, Humanity.

We Humans Want You To Manifest Your Purpose On Earth, Release What You Came With That Is Within You Before You Intend To Go To Paradise Or Heaven.

Release Your Potential, Work It Out. Thousands Of People Are Earnestly Waiting For What You Get Within You That Is Lying Dormant Still.

Only You Knows What I'm Talking About Which You Can Not Deny.

It's In You As You Are Reading This Right Now, Deep Down In Your Soul, You Can See It Right There, Your Purpose For Living, Yes, Your Life's Work. 

As You Find It Today, And Aline Yourself To It.. To Bring It To Reality For Human Betterment.. 

I Chidi Young And Host Of Others Are Waiting To Say To You Congratulations My Friend For Work Well Done. And I Hope That You Will Discover Your Life's Work.

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