Tough Time And Challenge Are Like Ore Before Gold Said On Chidi Young's Today.



Chidi Young 

On Chidi Young's Today | Topic:Tough Time And Challenge Are Like Ore Before Gold.

First And Foremost, Let Me Give The Meaning Of Tough Time And Challenge For A Better Understanding On This Context.

Tough Time Means A Period Of Difficulties or Hardship.


Means Something New And Difficult Which Requires Great Effort And Determination.

So, In Relation To Humans, 

 Tough Time Is What Make Men.. But The Truth Is Tough Time Will Certainly Make An Individual Uncomfortable, The Uncomfortable Which It Does Make An Individual Is A Pulling Out Of An Individual From The Individual's Comfort Zone.

 Take For Instance, Rubber band Is Best When Stretched. But, Rubber band On Its Own Dormant State(First Hand State) Never Want To Be Stretched But It Has A Built-in Capacity For StretchingšŸ¤”.

Tough Time And Challenge Stretch An Individual, But, An Individual In A Dormant State (Natural State Which Is A Normal State, I Call It A ''Comfort Zone'') Will Never Want To Be Stretched, So, They Call It Stress Instead Of Stretch. And That Still Not Okay, They Go On To Call It Disturbance Instead Breaking Boundary. (Breakthrough Is A By-product Of Breaking Boundary).

The Worst Thing Anyone Can Do To Oneself Which Is Self Detrimental Is To Shrink Or Back Down Or Back Out When Facing A Tough Time Or Challenge.

Shakespeare Once Said  ''Sweet Are The Uses Of Adversity.'' Which Means We Should Not Be Disheartened By The Difficulties which come In Our Life. These Difficulties Should Be Taken In A Positive Way.

 Our Attitude Makes A Lot Of Difference. We, Then Get To Learn Many New Things Which Will Help One In Future.

A Great Man Whose Name Is Inconspicuous Once Said When Facing A Severe Challenge, The Mind Is At   Its Sharpest.''

Dr. Myles Munroe Once Said ''Crisis Is Preparation For Promotion In God's Kingdom. Thus, He Encourage Individuals To Look For Crisis And Provide Solution To It.

 And In The Same Parallel And Spirit, I Chidi Young Says ''In Between The Line Of Tough Time & Challenge, There Lies An  Equivalent Advantage Of Both Learning And Breaking Through'' Said By Chidi Young. On Chidi Young's Today. This Statement Prior Means, There's An Ore Of Gold In The Thick Rock Of Tough Time And Challenge In One's Life, However, Mine Your Tough Time And Challenge {Examine, And Learn From Them } To Get The Hidden Equivalent Advantage Of Both Learning And Breaking Through''.

In My Conclusion, There's  A Propensity That Almost Everything You Are Passing Through Will Make You Get Better In Future.. This Is Why It's Important To Be Wise While Dealing With Your Present Tough Time And Challenge So That You Can Manage Them Wisely For Future Benefit. And I Hope That You Will.

My Words Are Like Honey Better Than Sugar And Good For Everyone.

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