A Word Is More Powerful Than Gun Said On Chidi Young's Today.


 On Chidi Young's Today | Topic: Strange. In A Loaded Gun, Which Part Is The Most Powerful❔

Take Few Minutes To Think About This. 

Now Follow Me, The Most Powerful Part In A Loaded Gun Is The Trigger. 

Call It Again Trig-ger. 

But, Even As A Bullet At The Command Of The Trigger Will Kill Anything Target To Or At,

 Yet, A Word Is More Powerful Than The Trigger & Bullet.. Yes, More Powerful Than Gun Itself.🤔

 This Simply Means That A Word Is Full Of Potential To Do Anything Intended To Do.

 The Trigger Of A Word That Propel Its Action Or That Reveal Its Power Is Called Vocality.

This Is Why A Commander At His Word To An Armed-Man, Or Soldier When Say Shoot, The Trigger Will Be Release, &, When Say Don't, The Trigger Will Be Cease.

The Power Of A Word.

Now, Here's A Question For Today....

Which Word Do You Intend To Launch Out.. A Positive Or Negative Word❗

Remember A Word Will Do What It Is Intended To Do.

Then, Vocalize That Word. 

Take For Instance, Today, Everything Will Work For My Good Interest.

Repeat Your Choice Word Over And Over Until Your Heart (Spirit Man ) Believe In Its Reality...

Then, Launch Yourself Out With Expectation Of What You Had Vocalized.. By Seeing The Word In The Picture Of Your Imagination. 

Take Note; Even Amidst Of Contrarieties... Do Not Swing Or Sway Or Change Your Initial Word. 

Do Not Compromise Your Word.. However, Stand By Your Word Because The Moment You Had Spoken It Out By Means Of Vocalizing Them To A Point Of Conviction, The Word You Spake Became Pregnant But They Will Delivery Their Physical Equivalent At As When Due.

On This Context, Your Tongue, And Mouth Most Be Well Guided.. Because They Play The Most Significant Role. Do Not Speak It(A Word) If It Will Not Serve Or Build Or Contribute To Your Good Purpose.

I Know That You Got This Teaching Today..

Now, Go On, Practice Them By Your Self.

Good Luck.


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