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On Chidi Young's Today | Topic: Challenges Of Life TP1.

Challenges Will Always Come... I Give U This Prophecy.

Challenges Of Life Will Certainly Come To Tom And Also, It Does Always Come To Dick And It  Never Fail To Come To Harry. ( Tom, Dick, And Harry Are Used On This Context To Portray The Three Social Class Which On Normal Stanza Are The Poor, The Rich And The Wealthy.)

But The Problem Is Not The Challenges Which We Are Faced With On Our Daily Activity But How To Handle Our Challenges Of Life, How To Manage It, & How To Solve It Profitably Is The Problem.

There's No A Way A Living Being Will Be Totally Free From A Form Of Challenge Or The Other.

Infact, I Have Come To This Conclusion That Challenges Are Part And Parcel Of Life. NOW, Solving Our Challenges Of Life Is The Reason One Live.

What's In A Challenge/Problem Of Life❓

1) A Better Version Of That Which Is Challenged. For Instance; If One Is Having Health Issue Which Is Of Course A Challenge, And The Person In Question Solve The Problem By Taking An Adequate Medication That Addresses The Health Challenge; The Person Stands To Have A Better Version Of Himself Or Herself Which Is Being Well Again After The Health Challenge Is Handled, Manage, And Solved. So The Person In Question Get Better, His Or Her World Get Better Too And The World Through Him Or Her Get Better As Well.

This Is Also Why If One Is Not Solving Any Problem In Life Or Not Having Any Challenging Issue, The Person In Question Is But Exiting And Not Yet Living.( Existence Does Not Connotes Living ).

What Do You Do With A Challenge/Problem Of Life❓

Solve It, Solve It  And Solve All The Way And All The Time.

The More You Solve Problems, ( Regardless Whatever Kind Of A Problem It Is, Be It Personal Or Inter- Personal, Or Public Problem. Be It A Career Problem, A Business Problem, An Educational Problem, A Family Problem Or A Community, State Or National Problem).

The More You Solve A Problem, The More You Are Making A  Contribution Towards World's Betterment.

And I Believe That You Are A Problem Solver In Your Capacity Anyway.

And I Say To You Today My Friend Go On, Keep It Up; Go On And Keep On Solving...

Do Not Only Watch Your Challenges Of Life To Outgrow Your Capacity To Manage Them, Rather, Engage In Solving Them Seriatim On Time..

When Challenges Of Life Are Intense On You, Take It From Chidi Young That It Often Does To Everyone.. When It's Big Enough.. Then It's A Sign That You Are A Great Person.

Do Know Why ❓

Great Things Do Happen To Great People And They Usually Win. That's Why They Are Called ''The Great'' Because They Won Over A Great Thing. They However Have A Certain Attitude.. A Positive Attitude To Win Whatever Challenge They Face With.
Few Examples Are 1) Martin Luther king Jr Of America. 2) Mahatma Gandhi Of India. 3)Nelson Mandela Of South Africa. 4) Nnamdi Kanu Of Biafra Republic. 5) ....

However, Congratulations In Advance My Friend. Because You Are The Next In Line....To Fill Up The Gap As A Problem Solver And Make Your Own Undeniable Contribution To Your World And To The World, And I Know That This Life's Task, You Will Take The Bull By The Horn. Whoops, whoops whoops Hooray..

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