Corruption Is Easier, Cheap And Sweet But... Said On Chidi Young's Today.


 On Chidi Young's Today | It's Easier To Eat From Corruption, That's To Benefit From Corruption.

 That, Very Easy. But Sad News Is Anything Gotten From Corruption Will Certainly Have A Sour Ending..

 I Just Received This Truth From The Spirit. And This Is As True As After The Night Comes The Day.

 When God Want To Help A Man, He Will Make His Common Sense To Receive Uncommon Things And Signal.

 Though Things Gotten By Corruption Might Be Sweet And Cheap Because It's Easy But It's As Eating Sand🤔.  

Sand Is Cheap And Easy To Get Because One Can Use Leg Or Hand To Gather Them Up But Yet None Eat It. 

So Is Anything Gotten Or Received Through Corruption.

 It Might Be Easy, And Cheap, But Eating It Is As Eating A Soured Thing. 🙆

Here Is Few Things To Note About Corruption.

1) Corruption Build No Future...

2) Corruption Sabotage Original.

3) Corruption Is Devil's Cheque, This Cheque Upon It's Maturity, Later Or Ending Will Always Read Bounced Cheque.

4) Corruption Produce False Evidence Appearing Real, Thus Mean, The More You Look, The Less You See.

5) Corruption Produce Negative Environment, Be It Family, State, Or Nation.

6) Corruption Is Anti Good Living.. 

7) Corruption Suck On Populars.

8) Corruption Bread Bad Governance..

9) Corruption Is Devil On The Play Ground

10) Corruption Is Anti- Paradise. 

Nothing Good Can Come Out From Corruption, What It Produces Will At The End Have Question Mark.. 

Corruption Bread And Promote Vices. Without Corruption Vices Dies Out Like Flies In A Neat Environment.

Corruption Is The Pit Of Hell Where All Form Of  Immorality, And Abuse Flourish.

How To Starve Corruption.

1) Identify Corruption

2) Reject Corruption

3) Say No To Corruption

4) Run Away From Fertile Ground Of Corruption.

5) Be Agent Of Good Lifestyle.

6) Do Not Discuss Corruption, Whatever You Discuss Gain Popularity, Whatever You Discuss Get Famous.

7) Reject The Allurement Of Corruption.

8) When You Meet Temporal Failure, Do Not Repeat Again.

9) Establish A Good Environment With Corruption-Free.

10) Protect And Promote Good Morals All The Time And All The Day Regardless Seasonal Changes And Individual Behavioral Indifferent.

On This Noble Life Quest, Congratulations My Friend

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