Igbo People On Top Is Your Place In The World Said On Chidi Young's Today.



Igbo People | Cultural Day.

On Chidi Young's Today | On Top Is Your Place Oh Igbo People...

Wake Up.. And Repossess Your Position Oh Igbos.

You Are The Light And You Are To Be On Top.

You Are Born To Rule On The Affairs Of Life.. This Is Who You Are Oh Igbo.

Your Position In Life, Give It Not To A Man Nor Woman... 

Igbo People | Family Time.

And That Which Is Your Birth Right, Sale It Not For A Pot Of Porridge Of Whatever Nicest Food You Know Or A Bag Of Money ( Dollar Or Pound Or Euro.)

Oh Igbo All Over The World Today I Chidi Young Speak To You, Your Position In Life Is First, Your Position Is Number One. You Are Born To Rule. And As An Igbo Person That You Are, You Are A First Class Person. However, Love Your People... And Do Not Speak Against Your Igbo People ( Even Though You Can Condemn Bad Behavior)... IF There's A Loophole Anywhere Within Your Scene, Cover The Gap. If There's A Wrong Within You, Then, Make It Right. If There's Any Darkness Or Illusion Anywhere Within Your Surrounding..Shade Your Light, Light Of Hope, Light Of Positivity, Light Of Optimism, Light Of Good Cheer, Light Of Encouragement, Light Of Freedom, Light Of One-ness, Light Of Development, Light Of Civilization, Light Of Motivation, Light Of Inspiration, Light Of Possibility, Light Of Betterment.

Amala Umuloke Umugaragu, Enyiogugu Youths, Mbaise, Imo State.

Keep This To Mind All Through Your Life And Pass It On To Your Children And Children's Children... So Forth And So On..

Igbo Is One. 

{Unity, Peace, Freedom}.

Anywhere You Are Today,  Navigate Your Way Up To The Top. There Is Where You Belong All Igbos... 


Igbo People Cultural Day.

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