Ladies And Gentle Men, Settling Down In Life Is Sure For Everyone Who Believe.. Said On Chidi Young's Today.



On Chidi Young's Today | Ladies And Gentle Men, This Is Sure For Everyone Who Believe.. Settling Down In Life Is Sure For Everyone, It's A Certain....

Obliterate Worries On This Regard Because This Is A Matter Of Time.

Obliterate Hastiness On This Issue, Because, Time Will Tell And Manifest Settling Down For A Man Or Woman On Its Ripe Season.

Time Is Consistent On Its Work.

And Transition Of Season Is A Sure Stuff. Season Is A Loyal Worker. Never In A Year, There Comes No Winter, Spring, Summer And Autumn..

With Time..One's Settling Down Will Fall In Place.. And After Was, Be A Past Event Because Of Time And Season.

With Time.. One Will Transit From Single-hood Into Couple Hood...

This Is Certain For Everyone Who Believe..

Time Brings Transition.. Time Introduces Season Of Change.

God Created Time  In Other To Bring To An End To A Certain Season  To Introduce Another Season In Life..

And This Modest Pattern Continuous  As Sure As After Winter Comes Spring  Which After It, Comes Summer And After It Comes Autumn..

By The Law Of Time And Season, This Practice Of Transition Of Time And Season In One's Life And In Everything Is As Firm As Mountain Everest In Himalaya.

Why One Should Obliterate Worries And Hastiness On This Regard ❓

1) Whatever That Function By Law Are Only Obedient To Law.

2) Time And Season Operate By Law, This Is Why There's A Time And Season For Everything In Life Including Your Personal Life. For Instance, There Was A Time You Was  But A Child... BUT, With Time, You Have Transited Into Adult Hood. Are My Right ❓

3) Worries And Hastiness Is Not A Law.. It's A State Of Mind. So, It Can Not Move Time Or Season Or Anything On Regards To Time And Season ... What Move This Two Uncompromising Element On Earth Is Only Law Or Grace ( Grace Is A Product Of Supreme God  Intervention And This Supreme God Intervention Can Give Answer To Any Exiting Or Non-existing thing. Grace Is Greater Than Law, Grace Is Higher To Law. Grace Is Authority Over Law. Grace Is Manifestation Of God Who Created Law... SO, When God Steps In A Matter, Even Law Is Obedient.)

Worries And Hastiness Are As So Detrimental Even To One's Health, Obliterate Them, Kill Worries And Hastiness Once You Perceive Their Entrance Into Your Mind...

How To Detect Worries And Hastiness ❓

1) It Distress The Mind.
2) It Discomfort The Mind
3) It Disturb The Mind.
4) It Disengage The Mind.
5) It Disorient  The Mind.
6) Worries And Hastiness Disorders The Mind.
7) It Make The Mind To Malfunction.
8) It's Invisible But Yet A Perceivable Disease Of The Mind.
9) Worries And Hastiness Always Leads To Rash Decision Making Which Results To Mental Imbalance.
10) Worries And Hastiness Will Always Produce Premature Result, Unwanted Result, Regretful Result, Disgusting Result,  And All Of These Are 💯 Percent Negative.. Obliterate Them.

I Chidi Young Want To Stop Here For Now My Friend... However,  Show You Best Friend Love By Simple Share Out This Information... It Might Be Helpful To Someone Within Your Circle.

As You Have Come To This Far, Congratulations My Friend, I Have 💯% Conviction In My Heart That This Have Added Value To Your Personal Life And That It Will Do To Someone Else Where Within Your Circle.. Reach Out.

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