The Origin Of Igbo | Said On Chidi Young's Today.



On Chidi Young's Today | No Place Like Home, Igbo People. We Are A People Of Identity.. 

We Are A Blessed People.. 

We Are God's People. We Are A Choosing People.

Igbo Cultural Day.

We Are Igbo. From The Twelve Tribe Of Israel _ Gad, The Seventh Son Of Jacob, The Grand Son Of Isaac And The Great Grand Son Of Abraham. The Chosen Of God. Eri, The Fifth (5) Of The Seven Son Of Gad Begot The Igbo People. Check ( Genesis 46:16) 

I Speak To All Igbos Today, Your Root Is In God And Your Making Is In God.. With God, You Will Do Mighty Things.. With God On Your Side, You Will WiN And Triumph Over Adversaries And Over Your Foes .. With God, You Are A Majority.. With God, You Will Conquer And Surmount Whatever Is Insurmountable.

Igbo, Your Patriarch Abraham, Isaac, Jacob And Gad And Eri Followed The Living God And They, At The Ancient Time Did Mighty Things Which You Oh Igbo Are Result Of And They Your Progenitors Are Alive To This Day And So Can You Oh Igbo Be In Millions Of Years To Come. God Loves Igbo People.




Chidi Young | Igbo Son.

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