Why I Chidi Young Did Not Vote In My State, Imo 2023 Election.



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On Chidi Young's Today | The Reason Why I Personally Did Not Vote In My State ( Imo) Is Because  I'm Not In Support Of Nigeria & My Brief Reason Is That Nigeria Is A Failed Start.

Even If They Bring Bag Of Money To Me To Believe In One Nigeria, I Will Reject Such Offering.

Chidi Young.

INEC From The Previous Election Broke Their Trust With The People And  From The Various Failure By The Judiciary Section Of Nigeria On The Case Of Past Imo State Governorship Election & The Immediate Presidential Election, The Judiciary Section Of Nigeria Broke Their Trust With  People Openly.

 And  I Believe That Over 120 Million Nigerians Felt The Same Way I Felt. 

INEC Has Failed & So Is Chief Of Justice Of Nigeria.. 

People Do No Longer Trust Their Judgement..

The Populars Do No Longer Confide On Them Because Of Their Shifting Shifting.. Yes, Their Betrayal To Public.

When A State Fails To Meet An Obligation Or Expected Norms,  The State Has Failed ..  This Is The Exactly Case With Nigeria.

Hiding It Can't Make It Right... Even Though Exposing It Can't Help The Matter.. 

This Is Highest Form Of Failure... 

But Populars Should Again Be Reminded That POWER Is In Their Hands.

Not Power Of Vote As They Promised Because That For Long Has Been Compromised.

BUT Power To SAY NO.. POWER To Revolt.

Take FOR In Stance, Imo State 2023 Governorship Election, There's No Competition To It Because.. The Sitting Governor Has Work His Way To Run The Second Half.. Like A Contract.

Thus, Indirectly And Automatically, Imolite Vote Doesn't Count And INEC Are Fully Aware Of This Level Of Vote- Abuse.

And The Judiciary Section Condone It Even If The Case Is Perhaps Brought To Law Court. 

Things Like This Is Why Nigeria Is A Failed State. And It's Deeper Than I Can Explain On A Single Write Up.

NO Argument Mr Reader.

Nigeria Government, From Head To Bottom Has Failed The Populars.

And They Can Not Get Their Trust Back Because They Are Proud Of Foolishness.

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