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About Us

              Cloud2 News Is a Pristine and Untainted News Blog Establish On 17th January 2017.
                                                        REASON FOR EXISTING

The Primary Reason for Existing, is to Be Bringing Information | News Both Local and Foreign | Breaking | Trending | Entertainment Etc. From Different Niche and Angle to A Place of Its Transmission and Accessibility.
Every Information | News Etc.  On This Blog Are Genuine and Are from Real Reporters and Reliable Source, 100% Accurate.
Every Advert Displaying On This Blog/Site Are Real and from Trusted Parties, So Therefore You Are 100% Safe On Anything You Intend to Do, On This Blog or Our Second Parties.
   Note This Cloud2 News Is Anti Scam Member and Does Not Promote, nor Support Any Thing That Is Not from Genuine Source or Any Thing Like Scam Not Even.

 Currently All Over the Globe, There Are 1.8 Billion Websites On Internet According to Quora.Com Based On October 2017 Statistics, And in Less Than 366 Days of Existence, Cloud2 News Made Her Way to 3,000,000 Global Ranking by Alxa Rank as of July 2017 Statistics Although It Varies.
 Anyanwu Simon Chidiadi,Chidi Young ,CEO Of Cloud2 News.www.cloud2news.com,Cloud2 News,CNews,CNews App ,Vanguard news,cnn,bcc.Chidi Young pics.Anyanwu Simon Chidiadi Known By His Pop Name  Chidi Young Is The Founder And CEO Of Cloud2 News
 Chidi Young Is An Entrepreneur By Instinct, A Blogger, A Writer, An Online Advertiser | Marketer And A Motivational And Inspirational Aspirant. In My Thought On How to Dispatch Information Brought Forth cloud2news.com

Chidi Young Dream for Cloud2news.Com Is to Build Up Something Outstanding and More Than Just a News Media Blog.

Chidi Young Draw Up a Target to Meet of 75% Satisfaction On Dispatching Information | News Both Local and Foreign | Breaking | Trending | Entertainment So Forth and On ' With A Minimum Reach of 1.830000 Million Readers Yearly, Which Is Equivalent to 5000 Readers Per Day from Date, To December 24th 2019.
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                                    below are the official address and location of Cloud2 news.

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          Email Us : cloud2plus@gmail.com or Cloud2 News Whats App only (+234)9097618960